*Advantex® Treatment Systems *AX100

AX 100 Measurements Orenco's AdvanTex® Treatment Systems utilizing the commercial-sized AX100 can make raw wastewater up to 98% cleaner and meet the most stringent regulatory requirements. They can also reduce nitrogen significantly, depending on influent and configuration. And the AX100 offers all the benefits of Orenco's residential- sized AdvanTex Treatment Systems:

*Consistent, reliable treatment, even under peak flows

*Compact package, small footprint, for small sites

*Premanufactured package, including textile medium, for quality control

*Low maintenance requirements + low energy cost = low life-cycle costs

*Production of clear, odorless effluent that's ideal for reuse

AX100 Installation

Not Just a Product - A Program Management Program

It takes more than a product, however, to solve onsite wastewater problems. It takes a comprehensive program - one that ensures a successful project every time and provides support for the life of the system. That's what Orenco Systems® has done. Orenco has engineered a program, not just a product. Orenco's commercial AdvanTex program includes...

*Trained and authorized Dealers, Installers, and Service Providers. Training and plans review for Designers

*A comprehensive project checklist for successful system design, installation, start-up, and follow-up

*Round-the-clock system supervision via Orenco's remote telemetry controls

*A commitment to ongoing O&M, signed by system owners

*Web-based tracking of site and performance data on Dealer extranet

*Ongoing manufacturer support through Dealers and Orenco's Systems Engineering Department.

* In all situations, commercial Advantex® systems require design review and approval by Orenco Systems, Inc. before submittal to your local approving authority. Please contact us for further information and project qualification as one of the first steps in your design, as we will be able to help streamline the design and approval process.

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