*Fiber Glass Tanks *Commercial

When considering the options for underground storage of water, facility designers and owners look for a long-term, structurally strong, watertight and cost-effective option. That is exactly what the Xerxes fiberglass tank is. Using the same time-proven fiberglass vessel that thousands of petroleum customers have relied on for decades, Xerxes has designed a line of accessories for underground storage tanks in order to provide leak-free storage for all kinds of water and wastewater, including potable water, fire-protection water, irrigation water, gray water, rain water, stormwater, emergency-supply water, septage, leachate and chemicals.

Xerxes Tank Installed Applications:

*Public Park



*Truck Stop

*Rural Development




Xerxes Tank End View


*Impermeable and testable for water-tightness.

*Rustproof, long-lasting fiberglass construction.

*Easy to transport and install.

*Available in single, double and triple-wall options.

*600 gallon to 50,000 gallon sizes.

*Optional inlet and Outlet piping.

*Variety of manway sizes and locations.

*Available with pre-cast deadmen and fiberglass strapping w/ hardware.

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