*Sand Filters *Intermittent

Intermittent (Single Pass) Sand Filters are an ideal advanced treatment solution where high groundwater, poor soils, or other site constraints rule out conventional septic systems. Tucked neatly underground, out of sight of the homeowner, pre-engineered kits from Orenco Systems use high quality, reliable components. No more shopping around, piecing together parts. Regulators appreciate the advanced level of wastewater treatment from our sand filters, which typically produce BOD and TSS of less than 5 mg/L. Contractors and installers appreciate the easy installation and helpful video. And homeowners appreciate the low system maintenance and low operating costs.

Intermittent Sand Filter

A typical intermittent sand filter consists of a septic tank containing a
(1) Control Panel
(2) Biotube® Pump package
(3) Manifold kit
(4) Pump Basin and
(5) Collection drain.

After primary treatment in a septic tank, wastewater from a home is filtered by Orenco's patented Biotube® Pump Vault Technology to keep solids in the tank and out of the sand filter. The clarified wastewater is then pumped to pressurize the distribution manifold on top of the sand filter bed. Evenly spread over the surface of the bed, the wastewater percolates through the sand, where naturally occurring microorganisms clinging to the particles organically break down contaminants. In the bottom of the sand filter, treated effluent-now clear and odorless-is collected and conveyed by pump or gravity to landscaping for subsurface irrigation or to a reduced-size drainfield.

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